Tattoos and Teacups - Anna  Martin I was completely charmed by this lovely book with its witty humor, loveable characters, sloooooowww burn and guyliner.

We have Robert, a college professor, who just goes through the daily motions of life. He feels as though he’s kinda dull and well, he kinda was at first. One drunken night he meets a young, energetic, tattooed, drummer, Chris. They exchange some flirting and phone numbers, then The Romance ensues.

I fell so utterly in love with these characters and I loved reading their love story. Robert is so convinced he’s no good for someone like Chris. He has a teenage daughter and thinks he’s too old and boring for someone like Chris. Chris is convinced he’s just a phase for Robert to go through and that he’ll eventually find someone more worth his time. They decided to take the time to get to know one another anyway and I’m glad I was there to read it. There was a very natural progression of their relationship. Ya know, go out on a date, walk each other to the door, meet the fam, some courting and wooing, more dates, and THEN they have sex. Crazy, right? But sweet, very sweet. So sweet & angst free that it was borderline boring during the middle. But then the normal breakup/relationship issue came up and we were back! It was pretty inevitable and predictable that Chris would be leaving given he’s on tour with his band and is traveling. But I was kind of surprised at how they handled the situation. They didn’t even attempt a long-distance. Chris had to leave and so they were miserable for months thinking it was over? Why? I was kind of thrown since they were already so in love by this point. But their reunion more than made up for this. There was no explanation or talking needed, they saw each other and that was it, they knew they were it.

”I’ll do absolutely anything for you,” I vow. “If you want the moon, I’ll get them to gift wrap it.”
“You’re such a romantic,” he says, and I can hear the smile in his voice.

Sweet lovey goodness wrapped in a pretty package with an HEA bow on top? I’m done for. Hook, line, sinker.