The Dark Horse - Josh Lanyon 3.5 stars

Wait. Did I just read book 1 of a series or book 2? It says book 1, but it really felt like book 2. Oh well, I still enjoyed the hell out of The Dark Horse.

There wasn’t much background given in this story, we’re kind of thrust into the relationship between Sean and Dan and into the mystery. Hence, why this felt like a continuation of a series instead of the beginning. I would have liked some buildup of the relationship or some background on the stalking and was a little confused from the lack thereof.

So I was a tad lost and wasn’t really feeling it for the first, say, 40% or so. But then! Then, shit got intense. The mystery got intense and the relationship got intense and I was loving it. And in true Lanyon style, I was hooked and riveted by every word and then… The End. It was all over when all I wanted was just a little bit more of Sean and Dan! Just a teeny, tiny bit more. I just never felt a true sense of closure and it was all over before the real relationship had really begun. For me, it felt like a HFN, when I really would have liked an HEA (obvs).