Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane Oh, Amy Lane. How you slay me with your words and all the feels you make me feel.

I don’t even know how to express what I loved about this book. Everything, really.

I loved Sonny and his need to be loved by Ace.
"But I ain’t never had anybody keep me for good. I need to know you’ll keep me for good."

I loved Ace with his determination to take care of Sonny.
"I’ll do anything."

I loved Sonny & Ace’s complete devotion and possession of one another.
"I’m the only one who matters. […] I’m the only one you’ll ever belong to again."

I loved how they dealt the pasts they had together and the family they made for themselves.

I love Amy Lane's amazing gift of storytelling and how she maks me fall so utterly in love with every character she writes. She has this quiet and understated way of writing, where nothing is fast paced or loud, but at the same time packs such an emotional punch that I’m left walking around with her characters for days.

Just… everything.