Way Off Plan - Alexa Land 3.5 stars

Can I get a group ‘AAAWWWWWW’? Knowing that was a story about a cop and a mafia boss, I wasn’t expecting something so sticky, icky sweet. But it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Jamie is a cop, and not a very good one at that. I’m stopping here for a second to say, I LOVED THIS ABOUT HIM! It was so refreshing to read about a cop who wasn’t a big, bad alpha man. Okay, so Jamie is a cop and has an undercover assignment to investigate Russian Mafia boss, Dmitri, at his club. Upon meeting, Dmitri is immediately smitten with Jamie and, basically, throws himself at the cop. There were insta-erections, insta-lust and insta-love abound. But it was believable insta, as these guys had amazing chemistry. They were sweet, loving, kind and just wonderful together.

Why only 3.5 stars? This was headed to fives-ville but then the story kept going and going and going, until I was skimming by the end. There was no real conflict in the relationship. There was some, but not 350 pages worth. The sex scenes and dialogue became repetitive and boring after a while and the book could have been half the length.

While I loved these guys and they were adorable together, 350 pages of them was just too much. I was tired of all the cuteness by the end.