The Division - C.C. Bridges 100% fun. Fun, fun, fun.

Valor and Socket have been besties since high school. They've also been superheroes. Earth is being attacked by drones that come from these mysterious portals that randomly open up all over the world. What's a hero to do? Form an allegiance of superhero friends, of course! And thus, The Division is born!

The Division is still trying to work out the kinks of their super group when a mysterious man, Peter, came through one of the portals. Peter, as well as these drones, are coming from another dimension. One that has vast similarities to the Earth Socket and Valor live in, just without the superheroes. But Peter has his own agenda, one that doesn't involve stopping the portals and drones.

I'm usually one to care about the romance more than the suspense in this type of story. But I found myself really enjoying the heroes' fight against the drones, their attempts at keeping their identities secret and their dealings with Peter. Of course, there was also some cheesiness. What's a superhero story without some cheese? With names like Mistress Liberty, Dash and Socket, it's to be expected. But it didn't make this story any less enjoyable. In fact, I found myself smiling more often because of it.

Now, to The Couple. Valor and Socket are the leaders of The Division. I seriously loved Socket. He's snarky, grumpy, nerdy, antisocial, socially awkward and just a total dreamboat. He's also been out and proud since the day he realized he was gay. He's always been in love with his straight best friend but could never voice his feelings, for obvious reasons.

Then there's Valor, ever good and true, Valor. Keeper of the peace and all that stereotypical hero stuff. He's been hiding his attraction to men since one of his longtime mentors made the genius decision to tell him the public would turn on him if he outed himself. So, he's been suffering in silence and not even telling Socket about his secret.

This would have had 5 stars written all over it if I had felt a little bit more chemistry and tension between our couple. What I love most about friends-to-lovers stories is the sexual tension that is constantly simmering under the surface until it explodes all over the place. There was some definite exploding going on, but I didn't feel the buildup. It was just as surprising to me as it was to Socket when it finally happened.

What to expect: snark, snark between Valor and Socket that extends to the bedroom, superhero dialogue full of cheesy goodness, super villains in disguise, nosy reporters, fast-paced action, and just a super good time.

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