Grade-A-Sex Deal  - Erica Pike 3.5 stars

What a great little follow up to the first in the Hot Hands series.

A microeconomics professor, Danny, is in a little bit of a mid-life crisis. He was kicked out of his home and, basically, disowned by his ex-wife and two kids when coming out. He's now working at this low-paying job he has no passion for and living in a tiny dorm apartment. He has had a semester-long deal with a cute, young student, Troy. The deal is exactly what the title implies, a grade-A-sex deal.

Troy offers up his cute self for a passing grade in his microeconomics class. Danny's weekly meeting with Troy is the only bright spot in his life, but now the semester is ending and their time is almost up.

This is a fun and sexy read, despite the glaring moral issue of trading sex for grades. It was kind of easy to look past though since Danny is just so stuck in his mediocre life, you can't help but root for him. So, in this romance, it worked for me. They are a fun couple to read about and balance each other perfectly.

Troy's a flirty thing and knows just how to get just what he wants from his hot professor. He's also very sweet. Even though their deal was ending, it didn't stop him from caring and worrying about Danny. Danny, who is borderline depressed, is in desperate need of someone to care about him, so Troy had perfect timing when he strutted his hot self into his professor's office.

Just like the first in the series, I wanted more. It felt somewhat unfinished to me and just a tiny smidgen more would have sufficed. I would have liked more of a solid resolution between Danny and Troy as well as between Danny and his family.

GRADE-A-SEX DEAL is a quick and easy read, something to escape in for a little while. Danny and Troy's progression from 'just a deal' to more was definitely worth reading about.

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