Blue Skye - Viki Lyn A romance with a truly heartbreaking and tough road, as two men struggle to give each other a second chance.

Drew lives in a small town and is happy enough with his job and his marriage. His best friend from high school, Skye, is coming into town to have an art show. Drew should be excited to see his old friend, right? Well, the last time they saw each other was a night filled with love and unfulfilled promises. Drew doesn't know how he can face the man who sees past his barriers and knows how to break through them.

Skye comes to town, hoping to reunite with Drew. He knows that Drew is deeply seated in his secure closet, but he also knows that Drew wanted him. And maybe, just maybe, they can reignite what they had that one night.

I'm not sure how I feel about this book. On one hand, I couldn't put it down until I finished. There was so much angst and it was heartbreaking how miserable both men were. On the other, it was really difficult to like Drew. Drew was scared to come out; his family is very conservative and very hard on him. I get that. But he's married! I did not like how he dealt with his marriage and the fact that he's gay. I'm sure this happens all the time in real life, and I'm also sure there's a better way to deal with it. Luckily, he realized his mistakes and ended up (mostly) winning me over in the end.

I really liked Skye and felt for him, he so wanted to be with his lifelong friend and to make him happy. He knew he could, if Drew would only let him. He definitely didn't give up, but he kept going back after being kicked to the curb. He wasn't treated well and I wanted for him to just say, "Enough!" and get on with his life. It would have been nice for him to have had a little more of a backbone. It was heartbreaking seeing him so hurt, so many times, by the man he loved.

Their relationship was a series of too much push and pull. Skye would push and push until Drew finally gave in to his desire. Then Drew, realizing what he just did, would run scared, leaving Skye sad and alone. I couldn't feel the love between them. Even though they said how they felt, it wasn't shown through their treatment of each other. There weren't many tender moments between the two and I think they both needed some tenderness.

That said, this was an enjoyable story. I was rooting for Drew and Skye and was satisfied with their happy ending. I just would have appreciated a more loving road getting there.

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