Ryan's Harbor - Viki Lyn Ryan was lonely and found himself growing jealous of the happy couples he's surrounded by. He couldn't ever seem to find the right girl and settle down. On the outside he looked to be the player type, when really, he wanted something real like everybody else. One night at a barbeque, he finally thinks he's found it in his brother's assistant, Martin.

Martin was out and proud and wasn't going back in the closet for anybody. Not even for the one guy who could make him weak in the knees. He felt the chemistry with Ryan and enjoyed the time they spent together, but was wary of the straight guy who wanted to be with him. He tried his hardest to protect himself but eventually couldn't resist Ryan's charms. And really, who could?

I loved how much Ryan wanted Martin. He didn't care that he was a man, he just knew Martin was the one for him. It was refreshing that, in this gay-for-you romance, the entire book wasn't spent on this self-realization. There was a little drama over the issue, but mostly, Ryan just wanted to be with Martin, no matter what. And I just loved him for it.

Both Ryan and Martin have strained relationships with their parents and have experienced heartbreaking losses. They both had some demons from their past to overcome and were able to do this with each other, which brought them even closer and strengthened the bond they had already formed.

While there were some very emotional scenes in RYAN'S HARBOR, there were some very sexy ones as well. I always love reading about a first time, with the fumbling, the awkwardness and the final realization that what they're doing is pretty hot. I was not disappointed at all. These guys can heat up a Kindle.

RYAN'S HARBOR was a great follow up to the first in the series. I would have liked a little more solid ending for Ryan and Martin but, overall, this was a very heartwarming romance.

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