Life Lessons - Kaje Harper 3.5 stars

BRAINSHARING ALERT! I basically feel the same exact way as my lovely friend, Natasha, does about this book.

It was fun and sweet and hot, but nothing I haven’t read before.

I mostly liked it, and I especially liked Tony. He’s a great character who (I think) deserves someone better than Mac. Even so, they’re a great couple. One that I’m rooting for and will definitely be reading more about.

What I mostly didn’t like was Mac. I had one huge, glaring issue with him: his job and how he lets it rule his life. When you have to make a choice between your job and being able to take care of and be with your child, there is no choice. There’s no second guessing or thinking. You choose your child, every time. This really bothered me about him, so I’m hoping (and guessing) that this is something that’s dealt with during the rest of the series.

Some things felt rushed. Like Marty’s death. Nobody seemed to really care? And some things felt long. Like the ending, things took forever to get resolved. See, Natasha? Brainsharing.

But, yeah, it was good. I can already tell this is a series featuring two of my future book boyfriends.