Feral (Northern Shifters, #2) - Joely Skye Wow! I was totally taken surprise by this book. It's been on my TBR for quite a while now, but to be honest, I had no real intention of reading it. I read and liked the first one but didn't feel too compelled to continue. Further proof of why I love reading challenges! They force me to read books I would have otherwise never looked twice at.

Back to the book, Ethan is a rare cougar shifter and is considered feral. He hasn't been human in about 8 years due to some horrific things in his past. He has since been captured by wolves and is being cared for by the pack's omega, Bram.

Poor Bram, being pushed around and forced to do things he knows are wrong. But he did develop a backbone and finally did something about it. He was a very sweet character who never received the affection that he deserved. He kind of felt like the way he was treated was because he did something to deserve it. Luckily, Ethan wasn't going to let him get away with feeling that way.

I really enjoyed these two together and their slow-build relationship. So many times in shifter stories there's the insta-erection and YOU-ARE-MINE-syndrome. *eyeroll* So you can imagine my relief when that didn't happen here.

Lots of action, pretty fast-paced and sexy times were had. Yup, it's a keeper.