Scales And A Tail - Stormy Glenn

Big ‘ol dragon with a cute little bunny? Yeah, this was cute. But that’s about it.

There’s some fighting and discrimination happening among shifter kind, so the genius idea was to force shifters to marry outside of their own kind.







Sebastian the Dragon


Beauregard the Rabbit

Cute premise, big bag marries cute and tiny, but it could easily go from cute to silly. And it did. A lot.

Beauregard was an ornery little bunny so it was a lot of fun seeing him get into trouble and his dragon all riled up. I really liked these two together. They were very sweet and, not to mention, super-hot. I loved how Sebastian took care of his bunny and went all alpha, sexy male on him.

But then something dumb would happen, like apples make rabbits drunk. What? *eyeroll* Or Beauregard would smell Sebastian’s arousal and all hot and horny (which is fine) but he’d be all cave man about it, “Need now. Have it now.” Literally, that’s what he would say. *eyeroll* Or a huge misunderstanding that takes 25% of the book for NO REASON. *eyeroll*

Minus all the stupid, this could have been really good.