Bareback - Chris Owen Stories about established couples are one of my favorite types to read. Yeah, it’s fun getting your HEA. But keeping it? That’s the tricky part. That’s where you have to work and work hard. The working to keep your HEA never stops.

We were able to see Jake and Tor get their HEA over the course of four years. They both made their mistakes. They both paid for their mistakes. Dearly. And then they worked to get what they once had back. They put the time into their relationship that it deserved. This. This is where it got me. Love is not enough. You don’t just love someone and magically live happily ever after. It doesn’t happen that way. Shit happens and then comes the hard part. Staying.

I laughed, I cried, I had to stop to have a drink, I cried some more and then I was finally able to relax and bask in the HEA afterglow. I love me some angsty romance. So, Bareback and I? We were made for each other.