Question Mark - S.E. Culpepper "What makes you think I'm gay?" [...]
"Uh...nothing actually. [...] Unless you count all the hope in my soul of souls?"

These two were so completely adorbs, I couldn’t stop smiling. Could. Not.

Mark was kind of a douche in Private Eye and he was still kind of a douche in this book. Surprisingly, I liked that. He didn’t magically turn into The Perfect MC just because he’s starring in his own book. He still freaked out and still made stupid decisions. However, he was a very likeable guy and I was rooting for his HEA from the beginning.

So, Zane is this uber- famous actor guy and is tired of being used for his money. When he meets Mark, he’s relieved to find someone who is down to Earth and wants him for him, not his fame or money. Zane was so cute and sweet. He was instantly attracted to Mark but was so shy! His pure excitement for Mark was so precious. I just wanted to hug him.

I was really enjoying this story, but then, The Conflict. I could see it coming a mile away. It was so predictable and could have been so easily avoided if Mark had controlled his douchey tendencies. Ah well. Despite the major predictability, it was still very emotional and the author did a good job with how it all played out.

These guys together were awesome and cute and sweet and funny and sexy and, AND! I really, really liked this and can’t wait for Christian’s story. If Mark was redeemed, I’m sure Christian can be, too.