The Shattered Gates - Ginn Hale 4.5 stars

Fantasy and urban fantasy are my first book loves. These genres hold a special place in my bookish heart and I’ve never found a M/M series that can compete with those series of the M/F variety.


The world building rocked my effing socks. This was so fast paced and action packed I was riveted from the beginning to the very end. I’m just left with so many QUESTIONS. Questions about this world they’re in, about why they’re there, who they are and who they should trust. I love all the gray areas and uncertainty. Anyone could be a good guy or a bad guy at this point.

I don’t want to give too much away but basically there are two worlds. One that is like our own and another that is so full of creeptastic awesomeness that I think everyone should go in not knowing much about it so they can experience all the creeptastic awesomeness on their own. There is some gray area in between the two worlds that we don’t know much about… yet. Questions!

Then there’s Kahlil and John. Roommates, but not really friends. Kahlil is sent to watch over John. Why? We’re not 100% sure yet. Questions! We know that John has a special purpose that he may or may not have to fulfill, but we don’t completely know what the purpose it yet. Questions! John and his friends, Bill and Laurie, get pulled into this adventure of his. I loved the three of them together and their dynamic. Their banter was fun and they’re, obviously, in this mess they made for themselves together. I’m thinking that their involvement wasn’t chance and they have a purpose as well. But, I don’t know. Questions!

Questions, questions, questions. Questions I needed the answers to, like, yesterday.