Captive Prince: Volume One (Captive Prince, #1) - S.U. Pacat,  C.S. Pacat So… 3 stars.


As I told my wonderful buddy readers, this is so my problem and not the book. With it’s crazy high ratings and reviews? C’mon! I should have loved it!

I don’t have much to say about Captive Prince, which that in itself can tell you my thoughts about this book. With the complex characters and the changing dynamics between them I should have tons to say. But I don’t. I’m trying to rack my brain for some insightful, deep thoughts (heh, I said deep) but I’ve got nothing.

My conclusion: I’m much too shallow to enjoy this. I love some romance in my romance and there wasn’t any that I felt in Captive Prince. I'm destined to forever enjoy a meet-cute, hard throbbing shafts and some rubby rubby in my M/M.

But! I am going to read the second one. I have faith in my fellow buddy readers that my opinion will change.