Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts Livvie does her best to be plain, normal, be able to just be another face in the crowd. She doesn’t want attention or to be the whore her mother convinces her that she is. Unfortunately, she does draw some attention. Attention from Caleb. Caleb was abused and neglected as a child. He was rescued from his prison by Rafiq. Because Rafiq is his rescuer Caleb feels as though owes him his life. Rafiq has assigned Caleb to abduct and train a sex slave to be sold. The woman he chooses for this is Livvie.

It says something about someone’s writing when they can make a character like Caleb seem redeemable. There are so many facets to his personality that I’m sure we have yet to see. As soon as he took his Kitten -- Livvie -- he seemed to have an obsession with her that was inappropriate for his purpose. He needed to train the slave to be sold in six weeks. Not develop emotions and concern for her. Livvie wasn’t mastered easily. She fought him and fought her feelings toward him. She was disgusted with herself by how she was feeling. At the same time, Caleb is the first person in her life to actually care for her. Even if it is in a twisted and sadistic manner.

I am always fascinated by this type of book. As a reader you go through the emotion of Stockholm syndrome with the captive. Caleb was repulsive in the beginning. I wanted her to get away from him and just go back home and have a nice, normal HEA. As time went on I became just as enthralled with him as Livvie was. Wondering what he was thinking during those tender moments. Is he developing feelings? Is this just a part of his game and manipulation? Oh, I hope he is developing feelings for her! Weird, right? I guess I want to believe that there is goodness inside of him (heck, inside of everybody). That he isn’t really this monster that he has grown up to become and there is room for redemption.

This book was completely compelling and captivating. I am ready to read more of their story and find out if they get their HEA and how on Earth it’s going to happen. Could you imagine? Finding your HEA with the man would abducted and turned you into a slave?