The Ghost on My Couch - L.A. Gilbert This review will most likely make zero sense as my thoughts are still rattled from all the adorableness. Just sayin.

So we have Alex, he’s a male nurse and a bit on the shallow side when it comes to his taste in men. Oh, he was one likeable character. His reactions to things were so completely, freaking hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. Could. Not. Stop. (This happened to me a lot in this book) He has his own brand of crazy and I am totally buying it! I mean, he eats his food in alphabetical order! How loveable is that?

Oh, and he has a ghost on his couch, Sid. OMG, I love Sid. He has this whole gentle giant, I’m shy but in a really sexy kind of way with my turtle shell glasses thing, down. He was so damn endearing. Sid had a very lonely life and was just pleased to find someone he could be happy with, regardless of the nature of their relationship. The way he fell so completely in love with Alex was just...just... I mean the book wasn’t even from his POV for shit’s sake and I could feel all the feels he was having.

Obviously, I loved them separately for their own reason. But together? LAWWWWD. Favorite couple award goes toooooo..... SID & ALEX! The natural progression of their relationship felt so natural and real, considering the fact that one of them is a ghost. It takes some fantastic writing for this to feel realistic. I loved how much Alex grew during the course of their relationship considering his horrible taste in men in the beginning to the amazingness that is Sid. He ended up loving Sid for the cute, shy guy that he was. Which, in turn, turned Sid into one sexy hunk of man to Alex. Not to mention the sexual tension! And they couldn’t even touch! There was no sex (on or off page) throughout their story and I was on the edge waiting for them to combust with hotness.

There were also some pretty awesome secondary characters. The fun bestie, Andy. Andy was great. He was 100% insulting towards Alex but always in a loving way. He was totally loyal and there for Alex whenever he needed him. He was also damn hilarious. I think he made me laugh the most. His dialogue and banter with Alex was priceless. There was a fix-it-female, Jackie. Of course, there is one of these. But I really liked her. She was just as snarky as the rest of them, but was there for Alex, too.

We have some quirky characters, a wonderful little meet-cute, and some silly happenings. All this mashed up together makes for a seriously perfect story.

Yeah. So.
This is me, gushing.