18% Gray - Anne Tenino The story opens with a blow job. Which is a fantastic place to start. When Matt is performing said blow job he’s caught by his friend, James. James, being the mature, rational guy he is goes straight to homophobe land and makes Matt’s life miserable all through high school. A few years later, Matt has the job of rescuing people from the Red states for various reasons. He is reunited with James when he is assigned the job of rescuing James from the Red States who had been recently re-educated. Re-educated for what? That’s right, being gay.

Matt was an awesome character. He was cute, fun & snarky. All the best qualities. I enjoyed James’ stoic and calm behavior just as much. Together they were a perfect match. I appreciated that there wasn’t much angsty time devoted to their differences in high school. It was addressed, but that was the end of it. They were able to really move forward in their relationship.

I enjoyed the world-building and the futuristic aspect was interesting but I just didn’t find myself caring about the rescue mission part. I skimmed through most of their techno-jibber-jabber and went straight to the good stuff. The acronym usage was a little too much; especially since I haven’t had enough time in this world the author created to really understand what they all are. I skimmed because I was confused, and then became more confused due to the skimming. Cycle. Vicious. Really.

I really wanted to really like this one. And as much as I enjoyed the romance between Matt & James and the little bit of Dom/sub action they had I just can’t give this more than 3 stars. I skimmed and was bored through too much of it. The characters and romance were a 4, but the plot was more like 2 stars. So, 3 stars it is.