You Get Full Credit For Being Alive - Cari Z. 4.5 stars

I love me some good, sloooowww burn.

And what slow burn this was! The tension just about killed me!

Justin finds a dead guy at his house. Well, what seems to be a dead guy until taking a closer look and he realizes the man is alive and a police officer. Justin rushes him to the hospital, but being a retired hit man, he rushes right back out of the hospital after making sure his mystery guy is going to be okay. Justin couldn’t seem to forget his guy, Shawn, and sets up a series of different aliases in order to check on him throughout his recovery. Which was so completely adorbs!

So, setting up listening devices in the hospital room and going to visit in disguise every day is a tad stalker-ish. And by a tad, I mean majorly. But I loved it! Someone had to worry about who tried to kill Shawn. And his stupid ass boyfriend sure wasn’t, so Justin took immediate interest in Shawn’s welfare. Good thing because they were awesome together. Like I said, this is a slow burn romance, but their chemistry was off the charts. I love when the badass guy turns to mush when meeting the right man. This so happened to Justin. He was sweet and caring when taking care of Shawn but was still his crazy, hit man self when he needed to be.

And that scene at the end? The one on the lawn? *sigh*