Tell Me It's Real - T.J. Klune There were some cute moments. I even found myself chuckling a few times. But it wasn't enough for me to ignore the nonstop OTT moments. Nonstop, I tell you. When I could tell a scene was turning into a series of ridiculous events and silly dialogue, I skimmed. So, I skimmed a lot in this book.

I don't think myself a prude, but I was a little offended at times. I get it, you don't like vaginas. But do you have to refer to one every time you're throwing insults? Sheesh. Okay, you don't like republicans. Is having such hateful comments really necessary? You know what the narrator also hates? Religion. Which is fine, but enough is enough! The humor and comebacks were becoming monotonous. It was "vagina this" and "Jesus hates me that" over and over again. What happened to the Klune who so brilliantly penned [b:Bear, Otter, and the Kid|12156759|Bear, Otter, and the Kid (Bear, Otter, and the Kid, #1)|T.J. Klune||17127576]? Maybe I was just extra let down since I had such high expectations from an another of one of my favorite books.

All that being said, I will read TJ Klune in the future because THAT'S how much I loved BOATK.