A Solid Core of Alpha - Amy Lane That blurb? It, in no way, serves this book justice.

So, I’m gonna redo the blurb while I tell you about all my feels.

Anderson has just witnessed his entire planet being destroyed. He’s watching from the spaceship his sister shoved him on in order to save him from the same fate. The spaceship is en route to a planet that is ten years away. Anderson is just as young boy at this time and is completely and utterly alone. He uses the ships technology to create holograms of a school, friends, teachers, he basically recreates a life for himself. His holograms, which are an extension of their creator, eventually grow to have their own desires and feelings. Over the course of the ten years, they become a family. Right along with Anderson, I grew to love these characters as well. Of course I did. It’s Amy Lane. And if she wills it, it happens. So, I love Anderson and feel - oh, how I feel - for him, because I know him being attached to these holograms, which are an extension of their creator, cannot be a good thing.

When they land Anderson knows his family are holograms and he knows that he loves them. He also knows that they are all a part of him and he’s been, basically, talking to himself for ten years. How’s that for a realization? He’s greeted on the planet with curiosity. This boy, who was devastated by the loss of his family, worked some amazing science all by his lonesome. So, they all want to know how he survived without going crazy. Well.... yeah. One of those curious onlookers is C.J. He’s part of a team that will try to gather all the data from the ship. He also helps Anderson off his ship and gets him acquainted and comfortable with the planet. We know where this is going, right?

Amy Lane has such a way with creating characters. She makes you fall so utterly in love with them that it rips you apart when they suffer. This book was no different. Anderson’s suffering was so devastating and real. It was amazing how he survived, but equally amazing having to let go of the safety of that survival. He adapted to his loss and had to, again, adapt to his new life on planet. And at the same time, stayed true to his character. He was brave, sweet, flirty, immature, scared, alone and in need. He needed to know what was real and what wasn’t.

Luckily, he found this in C.J. I loved how C.J. wasn’t the magical fix to all of Anderson’s crazy. Because he was so in love with Anderson, he felt all of his pain right along with him. He also knew he’d have to wait. Anderson had way too much cray in his brain for anything real. He waited until Anderson knew they were real and what they had was real. That wait was gut wrenching.

Don't worry, there were some very real physical moments during the wait. Oh my, these two were effing hot together. And on audio? Sheesh. I was glad nobody could see my face while I was driving.

It was heartbreaking, beautiful, devastating, sweet, sexy and just everything, all at the same time.