Acrobat - Mary Calmes I knew going in that there would be a perfectly, perfect MC. I knew that he would be so beautiful and thoughtful that men and women alike fall all over him. I knew that he would be in danger and would ignore the warnings. I knew this. Even with the knowing it was kind of hard to get through.

There were so many unnecessary characters and scenes. All the scenes with his colleagues? Why? Why was there the semi-romance with Sean (I think that's his name...) for half the book? Because of all this fluff - which, really, only served the purpose of proving Nate’s perfectness - nothing really happened for most of the story. Yeah, Nate and Dreo were neighbors, Nate took care of Dreo's nephew, so they knew each other, but any sort of semblance of a relationship didn’t happen until almost halfway. Then once they started they moved way fast. Waaaaayyyy fast.

The whole “mob” plot was unrealistic. Not that I’m a mob expert or anything, but it was all hard to believe.

This would have been 2 stars if not for Dreo. He gets his own star. One thing I like about Mary Calmes is her sexy, alpha males. She can write ‘em. They’re always hot and possessive and uber-sexy.

Nate must have super big forehead muscles from all his eyebrow waggles.