Heartstrings - Eressë 3.75 stars

Heartstrings is aptly named because this one tugs. Hard.

Ashrian and Eiren had a long road to their HEA. In the beginning of their relationship they were long time lovers without any solid commitment. Ashrian has problems staying faithful to Eiren and in the end made an unforgivable mistake.

I love me some angsty romance. So, when Ashrian was being an idiot I was shouting and crying all over the place but at the same time soaking up all the drama that I love. What happens when you’re an idiot? You suffer. And suffer Ashrian did. Eiren (who is a healer) left to another town for work after Ashrian’s infidelity. When Eiren returned, Ash realized it was too late for them, as Eiren didn’t return alone. I was hating on Ash. But after this scene? I was totally on his side.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Ash, Eiren & Firyon. It was interesting how Fir reunited Ash and Eiren and they were able to have a platonic relationship again. Fir was completely accepting of Ash’s friendship and was basically perfect. Almost too perfect. (I’m having Tim, Ben and Jace flashbacks here) But he was completely necessary for Ash and Eiren to be able to pick up the pieces of their shattered relationship. Ashrian had a lot of growing to do before he was ready to be committed to Eiren again, and he did. He so did. His mistakes were never forgotten and swept under the rug, he worked through them. Instead of just apologizing and moving on he worked to find why he was so determined to be such an idiot in the beginning.

So much happened that I don’t want to say more for fear of spoilers. I have very much enjoyed this entire series so far, this one dragged a little at times and is why I didn’t give a solid 4 stars. But it’s one of those where you look back at a couples’ journey and are struck by how far they’ve come since the beginning of their story.