Sacred Fate - Eressë I love epic fantasy. I love creative world building. I love a good sweet romance. So, this book was perfect for me! When reading the blurb and knowing that Lassen was to be taken by the King, Rohyr, as the king's paramour I was expecting a reluctant romance to blossom. Not at all. Lassen took what was thrown at him in stride. He didn't resent his position nor did Rohyr press him for more than he was ready for.

In this world that was created the king is welcome to his concubine, but must have a proper mate, one of status. The king shouldn't be falling in love with his lover or having children with them. Yes, I said children and yes this is M/M fantasy. I'll get back to that. Naturally, the King must follow the tradition and marry into a loveless marriage but is able to keep Lassen as his lover.

I adored Lassen and Rohyr's relationship. Lassen was more than ready to do his duty to the king, no matter how inexperienced he was. Rohyr knew of his inexperience and seduced Lassen slowly. They were always so much more than king and concubine, they were lovers and mates from the beginning. On hundred percent devoted to one another in everything. I loved it.

I did have some slight issues with the mpreg. The reason this bothered me is because I felt like I sometimes forgot that this was a M/M book.In this world, there are men and men who are hermaphrodites. If one can get pregnant, what's the point of them both being male? I like to KNOW it's two men in my romance, I don't want to forget.

This was definitely different than I expected, but it was a nice surprise to find such romance in this fantasy story.