Nine-Tenths of the Law - L.A. Witt This review might be redundant, as is this book.

Like other reviewers, I liked the premise.

The meeting of Nathan and Zach was different and made for an interesting start. They had some great chemistry which made for some hot smexin.

Like other reviewers, that’s kind of where my likes stopped and then I had issues.

I thought Zach’s behavior towards Jake was immature and dumb. He sank to his level by being the arrogant jackass. Why did he have to flaunt his new relationship in Jake’s face? All that accomplished was Zach looking just as bad as his ex.

Ugh. The trust issues. Ugh, again. I get that it was a problem for Nathan. I get it, I do. But it came up over and over. The sneaking and the calling and the double checking Zach’s story was exhausting and redundant. I really didn’t like how much of a presence Jake had in their relationship. Yes, he was the reason they met, but he was always there in their minds. He was like this annoying background noise that would not go away throughout the entire book.

And the ending? It was a HFN and not even a solid one at that. I can do HFN as long as there is some resolution. What did their conversation resolve? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

It was quite enjoyable in the beginning. But it took a couple wrong turns soon after, ones that I just can't look past.