All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon A ridiculously entertaining whodunit story.

Kit finds himself in the middle of another murder investigation. (This is a Lanyon story, after all) His long time mentor, Anna, is convinced someone is trying to murder her and asks Kit to come to her aide. ‘Cause asking a mystery writer to help in a murder investigation makes total sense, right? J.X. in not too happy about their weekend together being canceled due to this and they decide to break it off. Now we have a newly single Kit running off to try and solve the mystery surrounding the attempts on Anna’s life.

Kit, with his dry humor, is a fantastic lead character. I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. I loved this story told from his POV. He's pretty cynical and can be kind of grumpy. Despite his grumpiness I found Kit to be quite likeable, probably because I find grumpy characters being forced into happiness wildly entertaining. They fight it, try to find everything wrong with everything, complain, but in the end their loveable counterpart wins out. So you can imagine my giddiness when J.X. comes to the rescue. I love these two together. The rekindling of their relationship was perfect. Lanyon can write some seriously sexy scenes without being overly explicit and I love that. No need for overly detailed scenes when it can be shown through the characters' dialogue and actions. Lemme tell you... their dialogue? Their actions? Whew. J.X. can do the diiiiirrrrty talk real good.

The murder mystery was too fun. I’m not one to normally care about the mystery part of a romance but this one had my attention. All the characters surrounding the murders and the attempts were kinda quirky and I loved all their banter.

A laugh out loud funny, sexy and at times romantic read. All the things Lanyon does best.

Plus, I love it when I figure out whodunit. Makes me feel smart.