Take Me Home - Sloan Parker 2.5 stars

Evan and Kyle have been best friends since high school. Even has been staying with Kyle since he broke up with his long time boyfriend. Naturally, Kyle has started to take more notice of his best friend but Kyle doesn’t do relationships. He’s a one night kind of guy. He decides to keep his distance until he realizes that maybe Evan has feelings for him, too.

This was a cute friends to lovers story. Both guys were very likeable and charming. But the whole “you’re not a relationship guy” and “I promise I won’t hurt you” conversations were getting old.
Here’s what Kyle thought about all this:
"In the past six days, he’d thought and talked more about his feelings, about relationships and love than he imagined possible for a lifetime."

I would have to agree. There was so much talk about their relationship it was exhausting. Either get on with it or don’t. Talking about it won’t prove anything unless you try and prove your feelings with your actions. Like I said, they were a cute MC, I would have liked to see more relationship-y type of stuff between them rather than all the talking. Misunderstanding, discuss, rinse, repeat.

Oh, and there was a little bit of mystery that was mildly intriguing. Honestly, I could have done without that whole bit.

Overall, cute and sweet but a little underwhelming. This could have been more enjoyable without the pointless misunderstandings and the "suspense".