Mind Fuck - Manna Francis This is really hard to rate. I was terribly bored through half of it, then I friggin loved the other half. Let’s go through the motions here and see where I come out...

What terribly bored me
The investigation: Unfortunately, this was about half the book. Boring procedural investigation stuff. Filled with techo mumb-jumbo talk. Meh.

What I friggin loved
Toreth: He works for Investigations and Interrogations and is pretty unapologetic about what he has to do for his job. After visiting the sim and seeing some seriously amazing stuff, this is his first thought:
”He imagined taking prisoners into something this real. Everything that happened to them could be an illusion and the would never know. There was nothing he wouldn’t be able to do to them, over and over again.”
Unapologetic badass. My favorite kind. But as much as I love him I want to know MORE! How did he come to work at I&I? Is what Marian said about all its employees true? I don't know! And I want to know, very badly.

Warrick: He’s so completely devoted to the sim almost to a fault. He’s a total control freak... but really just wants to be held down and told what to do... hot. I don't know much about him yet but I do know enough to be intrigued by him. I only wish we were able to see MORE of him in this book.

The world building: It was awesome and I wanted MORE! I wanted to know more about I&I and Mindfuck. How did this dystopian society come about? What about the rest of the world? Is it that same as New London? I definitely have more questions than answers here.

Toreth & Warrick together: Oh, the games they play...they’re both manipulative, stubborn and working with their own agenda. I loved reading them dance around each other, both trying to get and keep the upper hand. When really, they just wanted to have sex. Hot, hold you down, I’ll break your fucking neck sex. The best kind. But I would have loved to have MORE scenes with them together.

So, there were more things I enjoyed than not. But that ONE THING that bored the hell outta me? It took up a lot of page time. Everything I loved? I feel like I didn’t get enough and wanted MORE! I think that will put this around 3 stars for me.

Then there was this:

“’So,’ Toreth said, ‘do you want to fuck?’”

Cue the music. Roll the credits.

I’m giving a bonus star just for the ending.

4 stars.