Tangled - Emma Chase I kinda went into this thinking I wasn’t going to like it. Which is horrible of me, I know. I tried to be excited about it but I just wasn’t. Mostly because when there’s a book out there that everyone thinks is hilarious I find myself rolling my eyes throughout. Maybe I’m a tough audience, I don’t know, but I didn’t LOL once. The sarcasm and “all guys think like this” inner dialogue was just too much. I don’t enjoy this forced type of humor. There are plenty of books I find funny, they’re usually the ones with witty dialogue that flows naturally. This? Way forced. But (obvs) I’m in the minority here (feels like this is happening to me a lot lately...). But, hence the 3 stars, there were some things I did like.

The first half was torture. Drew was so completely unlikeable to me. For the first 50% I couldn’t stand his arrogant ass. And I don’t mind some arrogance. JZB can totally pull this off. But Drew? Ugh. He’s a self-righteous, womanizing, chauvinistic, douchey dickwad. And throughout the first part of the book there’s a lot of his inner monologue with all of his horrible thoughts ruining all the pages. I really didn’t like him.

Now the second half was so cute. I definitely enjoyed seeing Drew suffer and grovel. Almost to the point where I wish Kate would have kicked him to the curb. Ah well, it is a romance, after all. But seriously, Drew mostly redeemed himself. Mostly. There were some pretty grand gestures that were adorable and I found myself smiling a lot. The sex scenes were pretty damn good too. Girly parts and all, I certainly enjoyed them.

Three stars sounds about right for this one. I liked it well enough and I found myself grinning here and there. A cute and fun read.

Would have been better if Drew was kicked in the balls.

With pointy shoes.