Something Like Autumn - Jay Bell The truth is out. Jace is not, in fact, perfect. Close, but not quite.

Jace was a confused teenager, he couldn’t see a happy ending for himself being gay. There was no role model for him and nothing to set a precedent that gay men could have happy and fulfilling lives. Luckily, that changed with the meeting of Victor.

Oh, Victor. How I wanted to hate him for what he did. But I couldn’t. In fact, I really loved him. I mostly wanted to hate him because Jace belonged with BEN, not some weird homeless-ish guy. Kind of the way I felt about Jace in Summer, Ben was meant for TIM. But he wasn’t really, maybe nobody is meant for anyone. Maybe it all depends on where we are and who we are at the time. Gah, now I sound like Victor. Victor was...odd, to say the least. But he was very insightful, especially on his thoughts about love. Does one mistake or kiss change how you feel about someone? Should we limit ourselves to labels and titles when it doesn’t change how we feel? Who knows, I guess that’s for everyone to decide for themselves. But because of his ‘carefree’ nature Victor could never completely belong to Jace. I really wanted for Victor to grow up and just be there for Jace. I wanted for them to have a future. Even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Jace loved Victor, really loved him. Unfortunately Victor is not a forever sort of guy. Jace wanted it all, the marriage, the family, commitment, to be loved forever, and Victor was not the guy to give him everything he needed.

Then he found Ben. In Summer it looked as though Jace was everything Ben needed in his life. Jace was the one who saved Ben. But Jace needed saving just as much as Ben did. They were perfect for each other. So, yeah, Jace forgave Ben for his mistakes. Not because he’s all forgiving but because he still loved Victor just as much as Ben loved Tim. He knew how he would feel seeing Victor again and he can’t blame Ben for succumbing to those feelings -- as long as it doesn’t happen again, of course.

Ben and Jace both loved two men in their lives. Neither stopped loving their first, nor did they stop loving each other. Tim and Victor were a very real presence Ben and Jace’s lives and their marriage, though it never diminished or belittled their love and commitment to each other. Maybe it’s not about “The One” but the one you choose to share your life with.

So, in the end, Jace got everything he wanted in life with Ben. He got the marriage, the family, and the commitment. He found someone to love him forever.