Angel and the Assassin - Fyn Alexander 1 star? 3 stars? 5 stars? I don’t know. I don’t effing know.

I loved the first 20% or so with our introduction to Kael. We got to see the full extent of his unapologetic baddassness. He was seriously baddass and I loved it. We also saw how he became a Master. When did he learn this about himself? When any good Master learns. At age twelve. Kael is on a job (he’s the assassin in our story) and while doing the job the victim’s son was there and saw everything. Kael went to the boy’s room with every intention to kill him because of what he saw. Instead he took the sweet, young boy home.

This is when I had problems. Angel is 18 and is in need of a Daddy to take care of him. And by a daddy he means this: "What does having a daddy mean to you? "Without hesitation, Angel said, "A daddy means acceptance and kindness and protection. Stuff like that. Teaching me things. Making me smart." Okay, I’m good with that. I’ve read my fair share of kinky things and a Daddy and his boy is the least of them.

He was so unlikeable to me. He’s only 18 and a bit of barely legal, age play can be fun, but he didn’t act 18. He acted 12. Maybe. I’m being generous here. He was described as skipping into rooms, he asked permission to swing at the park like this, "Daddy, can I go swing?", he threw fits, and by this I mean he sat his butt down on the ground and pouted kind of fit. Stuff a 10 year old would do. Not 18 year old behavior. But what really got me was he used the term ‘Daddy’ 388 times.

That’s not normal usage of someone’s name or an endearment. He said daddy in almost every sentence when addressing Kael. Do you say someone’s name every time you talk to them, maybe even 5 or 6 times in a conversation? I didn’t think so. The conversation flowed so unnaturally it was hard for me to read. But Angel was a very sweet and innocent little sub. He wanted to badly to be a good boy for Kael and just wanted to please him. This is my favorite kind of sub, a sweet slaveboy who has a genuine desire to please. And he tried... I guess. But then he kept lying! And disobeying! Just do what Kael says, just once!

I liked the assassin and suspense plot and would have enjoyed reading more of that. I think I would have liked the daddy & his boy interactions if Angel weren’t so annoying because I’ve liked that kink in the past. But this just did not work for me.