Desolation - Travis Simmons Zombies? Pass. But there was some manlove involved so I was easily persuaded. And I am so glad I didn’t pass up the opportunity to read this. I was hooked from the start. And by that I mean by 1%. Insta-love over here. Smiley

We begin with Asher St. Paul who is trying to survive the best he can with his lover, Conner, in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies rule. First page and I’m dying inside. I barely know this character and my heart is breaking already. Asher has just lost the last person on Earth he loves to these zombies. He decides to continue on, though his hearts not really in surviving. Hell, mine wouldn’t be either. He eventually finds himself in a safe house where he learns more of necromancers who are creating and controlling zombies.

Asher. Oh Asher. So loveable, so lost. He doesn't know if he wants to or even if he can go on alone. None of his family is left, they died in gruesome ways, some by his own hand. Somehow he finds the strength to keep going. While at the safe house Asher learns more about himself than he ever knew was possible. He begins his training with the in-house necromancer, Ulga. He's so much more powerful than he ever knew. Now, he just needs to figure out what to do with the powers he's now aware of. But he definitely figures it out. I love when a character discovers how kickass they really are.

He was taken care of in the safe house by one of their doctors, Cleave.
Give me a moment while I swoon. image
I love the patient type. The one who knows who they love and are willing to wait. Willing to put themselves through the torture of waiting just to be with The One. This was Cleave. He was there for Asher from the beginning and still there for him after Asher treated him like crap. And he put up with a lot from that man. But he continued on taking care of him, comforting him, being strong for Asher when he needed it. *sigh* SmileySmileySmiley

I think what drew me in was the urban fantasy feel. UF is my first love, so even though zombies aren’t my thing, this has all the right parts for a fantastic read. There wasn’t much world building needed since this universe isn’t much different than our own, just add in some zombies and creepy ass necromancers. But what was built was the complete sense of loss by every human who’s still living. Every character broke my heart. I really felt every story that was told and every experience that was had. Characters we just met in passing touched me in some way. What I love most about UF is that not all the questions are answered. There was a definite sense of closure at the end but I’m salivating to know more. What more can Asher do? Is he still more powerful than he knows? Will he be able to resist the evil temptations that others before him have not? How long will their safe haven be safe? And, for the love of god, will we get a sex scene? Not that I mind fade-to-black, but Cleave is sexy as hells and I wanna read that man in action. Just sayin’.

I loved it. The writing felt a little choppy at times, which then drew me out of the story momentarily and I found myself rereading some scenes when I was a little lost. Even so, this was fantastic and I will definitely read more of Asher’s zombie adventures.

A copy of the ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.