Living Promises - Amy Lane Amy Lane. She gets me every time.

I’ve always liked Jeff since we first met him in Keeping Promise Rock and I was so ready for his story. In these books we always get more than the story of the main couple. That’s because there’s so much to this little family they have created for themselves! While I sometimes loathe when a couples book focuses on other characters I didn’t mind it here because I love this family! It’s quite a mishmash of people that have come together to form this strong family when every one of them needed it. A very dedicated, dependable, loving family.

So back to Jeff. He is HIV positive and while outside a clinic he runs into a young teenager who just looks lost. Jeff, being the fairy-Jeff-father that he is gives the guy a little pep talk. Five years later, Collin has not forgotten the man who saved him when he was young. He’s been watching Jeff from afar, biding his time and waiting for the perfect moment. When the moment came Jeff was super stubborn and afraid of his feelings and all that. Luckily, Collin was having none of it and was just as stubborn. He just would.not.go.away.

GAWD! I just loved these two together! Collin saw straight through Jeff’s “I’m just the funny guy” armor to the pain he was really in and he didn’t let him off the hook either. Jeff finally realized he should lean on someone now and again, especially when Jeff really needed someone to just be there. He had a lot to face and couldn’t be just the funny guy any longer, he had to face his demons in both his real family and the family he created for himself. Ultimately, Jeff and Collin learned to be the others support. So, of course, through all this Collin is now a part of The Family.

They were cute, sappy, sexy, and, ya know, any other positive adjective I can throw in there.
Fun. Dedicated. Adorbs. Lovey-dovey. Ooey-gooey sweet. All of it. Just all of it.

Amazing. As Amy Lane books usually are.