Cake - Derekica Snake DNF at 62%

This should have totally worked for me. It has all the things I love in PNR.

✔ Vampires
✔ Deliciously dark themes
✔ Sexy alpha male
✔ Some hot menage scenes
✔ MC coming into their own baddassness

Umm... no. The main character, Xavier, was just annoying to say the least. He cried for at least 35% of what I read. Yeah, yeah, he was abducted and abused for a year and, yes, that's definitely grounds for some crying. I get that. But then he started to fall in love with his abductor, Marcus. IN LOVE! This is when I had to stop. I can enjoy a story with abduction and dub-con when the victim gets all hot & horny. But love? I don't buy it. Nor do I buy Marcus loving Xavier and wanting him for a mate after abusing him for a year. If your gonna be a creepy ass guy, stay a creepy ass guy (I'm totally thinking of Bloodraven here who was his creepy self the whole way through) Don't all of a sudden turn around and be a classic hero from any romance novel. It was weird and unnatural and just not for me.