Bound To Please - Kimberly Gardner So, we have a Dom & a sub + someone who is neither. Perfect combo, right? Yeah, didn't think so.

Jason has his two boys, Benny & Rain.
But wait! Remember, Benny is not a sub.
Jason gives punishments and rewards to his boys.
Don't forget! Benny is not a sub.
Jason gives both boys something to show his "ownership" of them.
Oh that's right! Benny is not a sub.
But he still wears his and says "Sir" & "Master"

We are constantly reminded of the "unsubiness" (yes, I made that word up) that is Benny. Yet, Jason treats him the exact same as Rain, who is a slutty little sub through and through. I just didn't get it. None of the three MC's were particularly likable, they all lied to each other at some point and there wasn't any difference between Rain & Benny, they were the same person. Except... what? Can you guess the main difference that wasn't really a difference? That's right, Benny is not a sub.

2 stars because I was, at least, able to finish it.