A Matter of Time (#4) - Mary Calmes Hey A Matter of Time Series, how’s it goin’? So, you’re doing pretty well for yourself. 4.25 stars? That’s really great. Um, I’ve liked our time together. We’ve had some fun, but this last time... I just... hmph... it was just okay. Don’t get me wrong there were some good moments, but then everything just went over the top and it was getting a little ridiculous. I found myself rolling my eyes and laughing at you more often than not. And that’s not really how I want us to be. I guess what I’m trying to say is... I think we should break up. I think I should stop reading you. I want you to know that it’s not you, it’s me. It's totally me. I know that sounds cliché. And it’s cliché to say it’s cliché but... it’s just how I feel. I was so excited about you and really wanted to like you. I mean, everyone thinks your, like, way cool and everything but we’re just not right for each other. But, no hard feelings, yeah? I’m sure I’ll see you on my update feed as you’re really popular and all. And I’ll still stop by to read and like you’re reviews. I hope you still get lots of 4’s and 5’s, which I’m sure you will. Cause everyone loves you, ya know? So. Yeah. I guess that’s it. See ya around.