Switch - Claire Thompson Dane is sure he's a Dom, he's been a Dom for years in the clubs he's frequented. He admits to himself that he's had some fantasies of being a Sub in the past but would never dare to voice those out loud. When Nathan meets Dane, he immediately senses the submissive natures in Dane and slowly but surely pulls that side out of him.

I really liked Nathan and his easy going nature. Yeah, he a Dom, but he's not your typical one, very laid back, goes with the flow. Until the bedroom, of course. Dane was not very likable to me. In the beginning he admitted - only to himself - that he's had fantasies of being a sub, so why is he so, so resistant? I'm not in that lifestyle, so I'm sure I don't really understand they relationships dynamics, but Dane just annoyed me. I didn't feel much chemistry between the MC's so when I LURVE YOU started flying around I was a little put off.

There were some great BDSM scenes, they used some toys I've never read about so that was fun! I'll probably be looking for more of this author in the future.