Daddio - Mickie B. Ashling Men in lace. Pole dancing. Strip teases. Two couples having sex in a hot tub at the same time. So, yeah.


This book was a sexy, hot as hell, panty dropping good time. When the sexy times were happening that is. All the other times... meh. Now, I totally love Lil and Grier. I love their devotion to one another. I love how they have embraced their new family and are dealing with new issues head on. But, I felt like the same scenes were happening over and over. Grier and Lil are battling with Grier's ex, who is the mother of his son. She does not approve of Grier and Lil having joint custody of Luca. Oh well, right? Grier and Lil are still going to try and do what is best for their son. But the fights and the drama was repetitive and constant. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is not something I have to deal with in my own life with my kids, (thank you baby jesus) and I'm sure this is how it can feel for those who do, but I just didn't enjoy reading about it.

5 stars for the sex and the relationship, 2 stars for the constant family fighting. So, I liked it, not as much as [b:Taste|10550965|Taste (Horizons #2)|Mickie B. Ashling||15457599] but enough to want to read more about these guys.