Unintended - M.J. O'Shea Unintended follows the lives of Alex & Taylor. The book switches scenes from the past and the present. We begin in the present with the MC's being married and having just bought their new house together. We follow them through the everyday trials of life. The stresses, the fights, the making up. I loved these glimpses into their current life. It made the relationship feel very real to me.

When we were in the past it was a sweet, sweet coming of age story. Alex was the new kid in school and was a little shy. He was new & shiny so all the girls were falling all over him. But it wasn't the girls he had his eyes on, it was Taylor. Luckily for him, Taylor had his eyes on Alex as well. This book covers the difficulties the boys shared with being gay in high school and the struggles with coming out. They didn’t want to live in the closet, but there’s always the threat of hate from others by coming out.

They were so precious together! I’m such a sap and I soaked up all of the syrupy sweetness. I especially loved how the author created such a lovely story WITHOUT cheesy dialogue. I love mushy gushy, but realistic. That was done here perfectly.

I felt like I got two stories in one. One amazing coming of age story and another about an established relationship facing the realities of life. Loved it!