Into This River I Drown - T.J. Klune
This might be the hardest review I’ve ever tried to write. Mostly because I don’t want give anything away about this book. I think it should be experienced with a completely blank slate. Also, there’s no way I could adequately express the beauty that I just read.

Benji is drowning in the loss of his father. He’s lonely, lost and drowning. Since his father’s death five years ago he goes through the motions of life. He feigns his happiness for his mother’s sake but nothing about his life really gives him any joy. He’s been having dreams about his father’s death in the river, dreams of drowning and dreams of blue.

Caliel. The angel with blue wings who fell to help Benji, to be with him and to love him. And love him he does. He’s so strong and is a protector, a guardian. But, being new to Earth, is very naïve at the same time. So endearing. So loveable. He’s watched and loved Benji for a long time so when he saw how Benji was drowning he came to guard and protect him.

What I loved the most was the way this was written. The prose was so lyrical, so emotional and real. Everything about this story fit together. There was no wasted page, no wasted paragraph. It all moved the story forward so beautifully. The flashbacks to Benji’s childhood with his father were perfectly woven into the story. Paralleling his present with his past. It was a story for Benji and his dad just as much as Benji and Cal.

It’s a story of loss, grief, courage, life, death, love. All of the impossible and improbable things that happen in our life. How impossible and improbable it is just to have someone you can love so completely.

“Sometimes I float along the river, fit to its surface I am bound. And there are times stones done fill my pockets, oh Lord, and it’s into this river I drown.”