Life After Joe - Harper Fox GAWD! That was beautiful, emotional, real and just effing beautiful.

Matthew is a mess. He’s a drunk who lives off of one night stands. Matthew and his partner, Joe, were supposed to be each other’s HEA, until Matthew discovers Joe’s infidelity for two years and that he wants to be with the woman he’s been seeing. When he meets a man, Aaron, who’s unwilling to treat Matthew as such, Matthew decides there might be a reason to straighten up.

I just can’t believe how good this was and how phenomenally it was written. The way Harper Fox can make readers feel every emotion and feel every scene is amazing. These men who are looking to start over, both having lost the love of their life, find reasons to live with each other. But neither tries to diminish or replace a previous relationship, just start a new one, a new life, together and continue on.