The Match Before Christmas - Eden Winters All Barry wants is to share the holiday season with someone. A few months before Christmas, he decides to register on a dating website. Barry goes on quite a few disastrous dates. Some of his dates include (but are not limited to), the guy who is married, the guy who wants to know how much money is in the bank and, my personal favorite, the guy who is in a competition to see how many people he can have sex with in a day. While he was muddling though the “dates” Barry was able to be a matchmaker himself for some of his friends. Now it was closer to the holidays, his friends seem to be in blissful relationships, but Barry is still alone. He, finally, has a reply from someone who looks promising, Adam. But Barry is skeptical, after his experience I would be too. These two ended up having a lovely little romance and they were quite the cute couple. The Match Before Christmas was a funny, sweet and romantic short story. I would have liked to have more interaction between the MC’s. We didn’t meet Adam until the book was more than 60% over and it would have been nice to see their relationship develop further. Other than that, I loved it!