Men Under the Mistletoe - Angela James,  Josh Lanyon,  Harper Fox,  Ava March,  K.A. Mitchell My True Love Gave to Me by Ava March ★★★★☆

At the start of Thomas and Alexander’s relationship Thomas is scared of the idea of loving another man. Because of this he flees to America and is gone for 4 years. During his absence he came to terms with the fact that he prefers men and that Alexander is the man for him. When he returns, Alexander, understandably, wants nothing to do with him. I appreciated that not all was forgiven and forgotten immediately. Thomas suffered during his attempts to get Alexander back. GOOD! That’s what happens when you leave for four years. Especially with how utterly heartbroken Alexander was when Thomas left him. Oh, poor Alexander. But I still ended up loving Thomas in the end with his persistence and patience and devotion to Alexander. I continue to enjoy Ava March and her historicals and this novella was no exception.

Winter Knights by Harper Fox ★★★☆☆

Gavin is writing his thesis on Arthur and Lancelot and has been researching the legend for quite some time. During his research he falls into a cave and requires rescue. I had an inkling about the mystery surrounding his rescuers, Art and Lance, and this is where I became interested in the story. I loved the legends and the ghosts.

This was an interesting tale. Gavin and Piers weren’t particularly likable characters and it took awhile for me to get into the story. Like I said, I really became engrossed when we learned more about Art and Lance. I did end up enjoying their HEA and I was glad Gavin saw the error of his ways and was seeking redemption from Piers.

Lone Star by Josh Lanyon ★★★★☆

Mr. Lanyon! Why do you do this to me? Right when our MC's get together... BOOM! It's over. I would have loved to have just a teensy weensy little chapter showing them living happily ever after. Other than the story ending mid-sentence, I loved Mitch and Web and their second shot at love together. I adored Web from the beginning. He was obviously still totally smitten with Mitch and just wanted him to stay home instead of going back to New York. Both men were able to make compromises with each other for their relationship to work. Now, we don't know what those compromises are because the story ended before we got that far. Just that they're willing to make it work. Somehow... some way... I wish I knew what way that was. Just one more page would have been nice. One more. Okay, I'm done now.

The Christmas Proposition by K.A. Mitchell ★★★★☆

A few years back Mel's bed-buddy, Bryce, just up and left without a word. Well, now he's back in town and where else? Mel's bed. These two get back into an easy routine with each other and they start to realize that what they have is more than just sex. This was definitely the sexiest of the stories, especially on audio. Oh boy. The characters were snarky and had complimented each other well. I haven't read much by this author but, now, I plan to change that real quick.

I'm not much of an anthology reader, mostly because the novellas are usually part of a series that I haven't read yet. But since these are all stand-alone stories I really enjoyed them. All great stories by wonderful authors!