Chase in Shadow - Amy Lane Work. This book took so much work to get through. It took me longer than it should have because I had to stop every 3 minutes or so to take a deep breath. I kept having to remind myself to breeeeaaaathe through the angst. Aaaaaannnnd that sounds a lot like labor. But, hey, that might work.

While reading I’m sobbing and cringing and so full of emotions that I’m thinking I’m NEVER picking up another Amy Lane book again! Then when it’s all over I’m sighing with giddiness thinking that I can’t wait to read more of Amy Lane! I don’t care about all the horrible angst, it was worth it. Yup, kinda like labor.

And THAT’S why I’m giving this 4 stars. After all Ms. Lane put me through, I’m still a fan and will do it all over again just to get that sweet, syrupy HEA I know she’ll deliver.