Gemini - Chris Owen Well, damn. I was so ready to get my twincest kink on and this... just didn’t do it for me.

What I was expecting
*angsty nail biting* Oh My God! Are they really going to do it? Are they? Are they?

What I got
*groaning with annoyance* Oh My God! Are they really going to do it? Again? And again? And AGAIN?

At the start of this story Gent enters a relationship with twins, Jaime and Paul. The twins have already been in a relationship for years. I guess this justifies there being absolutely NO angst about this issue. Hello? They’re twins. They’re fucking. Gimme some drama! I was expecting to read a story about these brothers who were battling their feelings for each other with Gent. Nope. Just Gent and “his boys” having sex, all the time. Nonstop. Constantly. I didn't have any sort of issue with the twin thing because there was so little character development. I almost forgot they were separate people. This was, without a doubt, PWP.

I gave them a bonus star for practicing safe sex.