A Private Gentleman - Heidi Cullinan Much darker themes and emotions than I had anticipated. Wes and Michael are very broken men, both are haunted by their pasts and the abuses of the same man. I loved their relationship and support of each other. Both have huge insecurities, but were able to help the other move past them. I love couples who are just kind and loving towards each other, no need for snark or snappy comebacks (not that I don't love that too) but these men were very thoughtful in their actions, it was sweet.

The only thing that irked me was I kept forgetting that this is set in Regency England. They seemed very open in their relationship, sneaking a kiss on the ear, holding hands under a blanket on the train. They were discreet, but it still felt a little modern to me. Of course, I'm no historian, unless you count all the historical romance I read.

Not Heidi's usual kinkiness she can deliver (oh boy, that woman can write some kink). But we have some deliciously damaged characters and rent boys, so it's a definite keeper.