Blind Space - Marie Sexton Pirates are awesome. Especially when they're in space.

It was a slow start, but once the pace picked up it really picked up. The story begins with Tristan and the men on his ship being abducted by pirates. Not only blinded and held prisoner, Tristan has to deal with Captain Valero and his repeated attempts at seduction. What a sad, sad tale. Tristan dealing with tattooed and pierced, bad ass space pirates hitting on him. Repeatedly. *sigh*

The story was told from Tristan's POV, who was a very likable character, but I would have liked to read some of Valero's thoughts as well. Valero was instantly attracted to Tristan and was a little pushy from the get-go, which I liked. A lot.

I always enjoy Marie Sexton's writing style. I've loved every book I've read of hers. I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as her others, but still a very enjoyable read.