Sacrifice - Jourdan Lane I feel as if anything I say would be a spoiler for this and the previous two books. So I’ll say this: the characters are still great, the relationships are still heartwarming & real, the plot gets better and better, & the sex is still hot. Still blood & cum all over the place.

Here are some highlights:

Wake up next to your lover, healthy and whole?
Have sex with them, plus one.
Find a secret passageway in a mansion?
Have sex on the floor.
Confront someone who betrayed you?
Have comfort sex with...uh, just whoever is available.
Losing someone you love to the one who betrayed you?
Have sex with a demon & his tail.
Family is being attacked by hunters?
Take a bath and have sex.
Get what you’ve wanted from your lover since the beginning?
Have sex with a furry friend.