Enduring Instincts - S.J. Frost We met Daniel in the previous book Natural Instincts. He was arrogant, rude, selfish and just plain fun. Daniel finally realized that the vampire he has been pining for his whole vampire life, his Mater, Titus, has fallen in love with another man. Then to top it off, he is attacked by dozens of vampires in order to save Titus’ new lover. Because of all this, Daniel loses who he is and feels lost. He’s trying to live on his own, but has become paranoid with his loss of confidence.

Ryu has known Daniel for hundreds of years and has loved him from a distance the whole time. He knows how Daniel feels about his Master and never wanted to impose. But when called to help Daniel by Titus he rushes to his side.
Oh Ryu. How I love thee. Let me count the whys...
1. He has unselfishly loved Daniel for YEARS
2. He gives Daniel everything he can, while expecting nothing in return
3. He whispers sweet nothings to Daniel that make me MELT
4. He knows Daniel’s power and doesn’t try to hold him back
5. He’s a Samuri in a Kimono with a sword. Damn.
Obviously, I really enjoyed Ryu’s character and his unshakable devotion to Daniel. Daniel was able to let go of his love for Titus -- or realize that it was a different love than the kind he has for Ryu -- and find himself again. Daniel was funny, snarky and full of great comebacks. I appreciated his slow progression of his feelings for Ryu and his journey back to his old, egotistical self.

I enjoyed this installment better than the first, but I’m excited to get back to Titus and Andreas in Loving Instincts.