Beyond Complicated - Mercy Celeste The Players:
Liam - ex-porn star, pushing forty, works in insurance, been heartbroken for 4 years
Seth - Liam’s ex-lover, also ex-porn star, lawyer, also been heartbroken for 4 years
Kal - Liam’s son, college student, Seth’s current lover

Now, your son is dating your ex, yeah, it’s complicated but beyond complicated? Nah. But when Liam starts to lust after Kal? (*whispers* remember that's his son) Yeah, now we’re beyond complicated. Way beyond. Passed the sign about 100 miles ago. When this started happening I should have been like...


Instead I put on my pervy face and was all...


So, yeah. This might be the hottest book I’ve ever read. Like, ever. It all felt so wrong and dirty I felt like I needed a shower afterwards. Ya know, to um, purify myself and all that after this dirty read and...yeah, that’s it.

This was deliciously sexy and angsty but, unfortunately, not everything is about sex. No matter how much we want it to be. I just didn’t really care about these guys. They could get their HEA and I would have been fine. Or not and I would have been fine with that also. For me, who loves mushy gushy sweet syrupy lovey goodness, to not care about an HEA kinda means a lot to me. Yes, I couldn’t put my kindle down all day and busted through this long-ish book in record timing but can I rate it higher than 3 stars? Just because I wanted to sate my pervy tendencies? No, I can’t. I need an HEA I care about.